Artifical Ice

encounter // begegnung

a participative performance

Tuned in through multimedia installations we enter a world of archaic beauty and width, characterized by fragility, rift, radical change and termination. How do we connect in such a world? How does Homo sapiens sapiens act in the Now and which footprints do we leave in the eternal process of time?

Crossing the dividing boundaries of a common ice rink, Katja Grohmann and her group from Germany create an atmospheric density with contemporary dancers and ice dancers on the synthetic ice surface. They breathe right next to you, while the passing wind carries the traces of their movements.
Baz Laarakkers from the Netherlands develops the spheric, meditative sounds live on stage, which seem to origin from the northern countries themselves.

A symbiosis of contemporary dance and figure skating, far away of all cliches of ice skating.

Premiere: 15th of November 2019, Kulturhof Gohlis, Leipzig


Hybrid Dance
a symbiosis of dancing and ice skating

2019, Trailer

Two dancers, two elements.
In the counter play between skate- and floor dance, they explore similarities and differences of the two reciprocal worlds while sharing the same habitat. The systems cooperate and influence, but can they persist to stay an individuum during a dance of interbreeding…?

Premiere: 16th of March 2019, Salzwedel


Air Bridges
a multimedia installation

2018, Trailer

Bridges connect humans, cultures and things. They are the way, the search, the starting point, the obstacle and the aim at the same time. They are to connect opposites, differences and related subjects. But is this way of transfer built on solid grounds or is it an airy installation? Perhaps it is just a metaphor? Can I leave the image of myself behind on the shore and become something new, even a thing on the other side?

Premiere: 22nd of November 2018, Leeuwarden, Netherlands


Skating anywhere

Photo project with photographer
Christoph Kainz






Short film collage

Video project with photographer Peter Pfahl – Lichtfänger